CJ Vickery

CJ has always been an artist, writing and illustrating stories from a young age. He indulged in fantastical worlds and vibrant characters like the ones he read in books and saw in movies and television.

But in his teenage years, he discovered the guitar and charted a long course into the study of music performance, recording, and composition. This led him to pursue a finer attention to detail and develop a personal style that would stick with him for years.

As he progressed through his musical studies, he became infatuated with film and media, pursuing any opportunities to experiment with the moving image. The countless lessons about logistics and production he learned on his various projects solidified his creative method and allowed him to hone in on an even more intense personal style.

He would complete his artistic Odyssey when he returned to his roots, drawing on a pair of white canvas shoes on a hot summer night. The cumulative knowledge and skills he accrued over his pursuit of various disciplines coalesced into an ironclad vision for animated filmmaking. He tore down his foundations and began from square one by studying art fundamentals and began to build out his worlds in two dimensions. This is where he stands today, at the head of a new path and pursuing the most ambitious projects he's ever conceived. 

Currently, he works with independent artists, commercial productions, and public offices to edit video and podcasts, illustrate storyboards and promotional media, and record music and video. He also develops curriculum for his artistic fields and is building video courses for e-learning. 

Check out the portfolio page for work samples and more information.